A responsible approach


Our environmental policy

The heart of our products is the wood obtained from the forests, that is why we must take care of them more than anyone else and that is why our commitment to the environment is strong and lasting in time. At Tableros Hispanos we only work with wood obtained from sustainably managed forests.

Responsible resource management

Committed to the environment, we prioritize sustainable wood as a raw material, reflecting our responsibility in the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.

Energy efficiency

Recognizing the importance of energy, we apply a management system to combine business progress and sustainability, seeking to reduce our impact and promote ecological awareness.

Energy recovery

Our cogeneration plant optimizes resources by converting waste energy into electricity, strengthening our environmental commitment and energy innovation.

Comprehensive sustainability policy

Our sustainability policy guides environmental and energy actions and objectives with stakeholder input, adapting annually for continuous improvement throughout the operating system.


Commitment to sustainability

In order to improve its environmental performance, Tableros Hispanos establishes the following commitments.

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