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who we are

Mission and Vision

We produce boards of the highest quality for the best customer experience, contributing to the economic development of our environment in a sustainable and safe manner.

We aspire to be the reference board, taking our product manufactured with local resources and in an efficient manner to many places in the world. 

Excellence in quality

We produce boards of the highest quality for the best customer experience, contributing to the economic development of our environment, in a sustainable and safe manner.

Improved customer experience

We comply with what we have agreed with our customers, being flexible and adapting to their delivery needs thanks to our close and human treatment, an aspect that we prioritize in our relationships.

Generating wealth in our environment

We created 180 direct jobs and had an impact on the generation of indirect activity and jobs, thanks to the link with sawmills, furniture manufacturers and transporters in the surrounding area.

In a sustainable and safe manner.

Currently more than 95% of the wood we use comes from forests in our immediate surroundings, less than 100 km away; periodically renewing FSC and PEFC certifications of forest sustainability. We are also ISO 14001 certified for environmental management and ISO 50001 certified for energy management.

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A legacy of innovation and quality

From the origins of wood to global horizons: a journey marked by excellence and confidence

Startup at the technological forefront

From the beginning, at Tableros Hispanos we have embraced innovation and creativity as key drivers in the manufacture of our particleboard and melamine boards. The integration of the latest technology has allowed us to offer a wide variety of sizes, designs and finishes, keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

Fusion of tradition and trend

Our solid knowledge of wood is the basis of our approach. We work meticulously to create products inspired by the latest architectural trends, adapting to a constantly changing demand. This combination of tradition and modernity defines our passion for excellence.

A global family

In 2014, Tableros Hispanos was born as part of Grupo Martin, a leader in the commercialization of quality products for the furniture and construction finishing industry. This partnership has allowed us to expand and export to more than 25 countries. Despite our short history, the trust placed in the quality of our boards drives us to grow and continue to exceed expectations around the world.

our certifications

Validated guidelines of excellence

In its relentless pursuit of improvements in manufacturing and handling processes, Tableros Hispanos has subjected its operations to rigorous audits, ensuring compliance with the requirements of industry-leading certifications. These certifications not only validate our dedication to quality, but also reinforce our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in every aspect of our work.

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At Tableros Hispanos we are committed to creating wealth wherever we go. We currently work and collaborate with more than 25 countries around the world.

Co-financed projects

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