TABLEROS HISPANOS is a company in the wood transformation sector dedicated to the manufacture of chipboard and melamine board. Located in Lugo, it belongs to the Martín Group, a leading company in the commercialization of materials for the furniture industry and construction finishes in Peru.

TABLEROS HISPANOS develops its industrial activity maintaining a strong commitment to environmental protection and pollution prevention. For this reason, wood from sustainably managed forests is used as the preferred raw material.

In addition, due to the importance of energy demand in the board manufacturing process, the company has decided to implement an Energy Management System in order to internalize the commitment to sustainable development, the environment and the efficiency that we promote in the business environment. It also has a cogeneration plant that uses residual energy from the process to produce electricity, promoting efficiency in the plant’s consumption.

In order to improve its environmental and energy performance, TABLEROS HISPANOS establishes the following commitments:

– To process and extend the commitment to environmental improvement and energy efficiency and savings to our stakeholders, especially to:

– Staffing through the availability of information and resources for the achievement of energy, environmental and quality goals. And communication and training as fundamental pillars to achieve awareness and participation in the systems. This will make it possible to have a team of highly qualified professionals, technicians, operators and specialists who are aware of all aspects of the systems.

– Customers, subcontractors and suppliers, in application of the commitment to continuous improvement, will encourage the implementation of pollution prevention, efficiency and energy saving criteria in their activities.

– Incorporate and maintain machinery and facilities that allow for effective and efficient manufacturing, compatible with the minimization of environmental impactswith a responsible energy consumption and with a efficient energy management. We have a positive impact on the environment around us, both locally and globally.

– The organization’s actions will be governed by the principle of energy efficiency, with a firm commitment to the implementation of the best techniques.
available, of compliance with legal requirements and any other applicable environmental and energy regulations.

– Act according to the nature and significance of the impacts derived from industrial activity, products and services, taking advantage of surplus energy from all stakeholders or increasing the use of renewable energies.

– Promote from top management the continuous review of the activity, impacts, scope and efficiency of the system, objectives and goals to ensure the development of the process of continuous improvement in the efficient and responsible use of the energy. The company is committed to reducing significant environmental impacts, taking into account the product’s life cycle at all times.

This policy provides a framework for setting environmental and energy objectives, as well as the actions required to achieve the expected results, taking into account risks and opportunities and the needs of all stakeholders.

It shall be reviewed annually, during the system review process by management, in order to maintain the integrity of the system and to enable continuous improvement of the entire system and from top management.

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